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A Bridge with a View

I cross it twice almost each day, But never stop, and never stay To look at what this vision holds. I’m always late, or it’s too cold.   Today’s the day to right that wrong, I won’t waste time, I won’t be long. I’ll stand right here, halfway across, My hands upon this wall of … Continue reading

Spring forward!

Spring has sprung. Well, the date has come and gone anyway. But it’s blinking freezing here. I even saw a sprinkling of frost on the neighbour’s roof this morning as I quickly opened the shutters onto a hazy, misty sky. We had one beautifully mild day last week when we all thought we could remove … Continue reading

OMG I’m fifty-one!

Weirdly this birthday seemed a lot less scary than last year’s big milestone affair. Probably because there were no zeros in sight. I’ve just turned 15 which is an age that suits me down to the ground. And what better way to celebrate this not terribly exciting age by being sandwiched between the upstairs generation … Continue reading

Farewell my friend…

Life is cruel sometimes. It takes the young ones, the little ones, the ones that never did anyone any harm. Like it took you this morning. In a flash. In a flush. How long had we known each other? Since the day of my fiftieth birthday. ¬†Eleven months and fifteen days to be exact. Not … Continue reading

Monday, bloody Monday!

Mondays start at five o’clock on Sunday afternoons. That quiet, yucky feeling slowly creeps in and gradually gets louder and louder until it’s screaming in my ear, “Tomorrow’s Monday!” Then it moves down to my tummy and settles itself into a tight knot like a snake in a wicker basket. Now and again I forget … Continue reading