Once upon a time there were three pairs. Three pairs of sistahs. There was the Granny pair, the Mummy pair and the little Baby pair. The three pairs were very alike but at the same time very different. Three years between big sistah and little sistah, each pair with two distinct personalities. The story begins … Continue reading

Sleeping Beauty

If I hadn’t known better I would have sworn you were simply asleep. Your eyes were peacefully closed, your mouth resting and at ease and your cheek was warm under my hand. I was sure I could see the almost imperceptible movement of your chest rising and falling. But then the tell-tale signs started to … Continue reading

Summer blues

Autumn has arrived but we still have the summer blues. The crisp, clear blue of the cloudless, morning sky. The pale, fading blue of the last hardy geraniums. And the deep, dark, midnight blue that settled into our hearts this summer and that has stayed there ever since. This shade of blue is the chilling … Continue reading

Bye bye babies…

Today is my daughter E’s 21st birthday and her little blister L will be 18 on Friday. It seems like yesterday that my waters broke and I naively thought I had spent too long in the bath, soaking up too much water that had to come out somewhere! My body remembers more than my brain … Continue reading

Beige is the new brown

Ever wondered why we rarely see actresses receiving their well-deserved (ahem) Oscars wearing a dark brown dress? Or the news reader sporting a brown jacket with matching brown tie? Or the weather girl pointing at her invisible map attired in a brown pencil skirt plus brown satin blouse? The answer is very easy really. Brown … Continue reading


In less than an hour it will be my 50th birthday, a day I have been thinking about for months maybe even years. Me, fifty years old? How did that happen? I blinked and a half century went by without my even noticing. So what has become of my twenty, thirty, forty-year-old self? Quite frankly, … Continue reading