Love and marriage

They used to go together like a horse and carriage but maybe that pretty little rhyming metaphor should be updated a bit. How about going together like an electric car and the cable that you need to plug in to recharge it? Doesn’t have quite the same sonority and we might have to change the … Continue reading


This was our war cry, our shout of freedom as we jumped feet first into the swimming pool which surely can’t have been much warmer than the air around us in this village in the south west of Scotland. But we didn’t care. We were young. Maybe seven and ten years old. And this scream … Continue reading

10 Years a Bitch

This is my bad week and anyone who knows me well enough will understand what this means. It doesn’t mean I’m a little gloomy or down in the dumps. It means that this is the week of the month when I metamorphose from being Mrs Nice-as-a-Bright-Blue-Sky to Mrs Bitch-from-Hell-and-Beyond. Blue-Sky me is around for about … Continue reading

Mammo mia!

I’m still shaking and I’m still hurting because although the pretty young radiologist was very nice and chatty, she pushed and pulled me about like some kind of old rag doll, squashing me between two plastic plates, telling me not to breathe, then lowering the machine just a fraction more before she left me wincing … Continue reading

Write here, write now

I’ve been wondering recently what’s making me do this. What’s making me take my little red-coated tablet up to the fading sofa in my room, where the sun warms my shoulders, and let the words drip from my fingertips? Is it just a genetical certainty? My maternal grandfather concocted stories about Ray and Jay, private … Continue reading