Eight full days of freedom. No alarm clock buzzing, no morning rushing, no kitchen cleaning, no supermarket shopping, no dirty clothes washing, no pot and pan scrubbing, no white shirt ironing, no bed clothes changing. No nice voice pretending, no perfect tense explaining, no paper-work worrying, no forgetful student sorting, no constant phone calls ringing, … Continue reading

Just one minute

Sixty seconds.  A hundred steps. That’s all it takes to remove myself from the humming modern city and walk into a minute’s worth of discovered peace. And I have an anonymous selfish git to thank for this discovery. An individual so caught up in his (her?) own parking problems that they forgot to realise that … Continue reading


A hundred words of absolute rubbish were sent off this morning by yours truly to a quick ‘flash card’ competition. The weird thing is that when I wrote those hundred and thirty words, then chopped them back to size, lovingly put them in an email and waved them off, I thought they were great. Hilarious. … Continue reading

Shaking in my shoes…

What a strange sensation to wake up inside a dream. To realise that I was sleeping within my dream and was woken (but I was still sleeping really) by a news presenter announcing on a television set beside my bed (which isn’t really there) that the new president of France was….scary drumroll….. Donald Trump! “No, … Continue reading

Is there anybody out there?

I think I’m losing the plot. The rules of the game I started playing when I created this silly little blog have been bent and deformed. But only by silly little me. These texts sent out into cyberspace were originally just a post-modernist prolongation of my handwritten secret diary. The musings in that journal were … Continue reading