The Bench

There were four of them. Like parrots sitting on a perch, squawking and preening. The three ladies were ruffling their white-feathered heads and the gentleman was sitting watching, touching his own balding crown with a worn and wrinkled claw. Their hands then crossed simultaneously over the handles of their walking sticks, three of them bright … Continue reading

One last goodbye…

“Can we say one last goodbye? Just the four of us, please.” The plea came from so deep within his heart that of course we would never have refused him this one small act of homage. He deserved this and she deserved it even more. The only light came from the stars and the almost … Continue reading

Midweek Night Chill

This is similar to Saturday Night Fever but in the middle of the week and without the tight flared trousers. And thanks to this highly unexpected Chill I have found the definition of The Perfect Evening. The Perfect Evening means coming home late, getting changed into pyjama bottoms and a dirty grey t-shirt. Then it … Continue reading