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A hundred words of absolute rubbish were sent off this morning by yours truly to a quick ‘flash card’ competition. The weird thing is that when I wrote those hundred and thirty words, then chopped them back to size, lovingly put them in an email and waved them off, I thought they were great. Hilarious. … Continue reading

Shaking in my shoes…

What a strange sensation to wake up inside a dream. To realise that I was sleeping within my dream and was woken (but I was still sleeping really) by a news presenter announcing on a television set beside my bed (which isn’t really there) that the new president of France was….scary drumroll….. Donald Trump! “No, … Continue reading

Is there anybody out there?

I think I’m losing the plot. The rules of the game I started playing when I created this silly little blog have been bent and deformed. But only by silly little me. These texts sent out into cyberspace were originally just a post-modernist prolongation of my handwritten secret diary. The musings in that journal were … Continue reading

Nomination Day

Every woman deserves to be a little sister. Little sisters have all the fun.  When you’re a little sister you never have to fondly recall the days when your parents were there for you and you alone. You never have to accept a screeching, whining, ugly little baby into your cosy threesome and hear your … Continue reading