I’ve been conducting a scientific experiment recently, trying to see the effects of a simple yet hugely interesting study of human nature. What on earth have I been up to? I’ve been smiling in the street. There have been no big cheesy full-teeth weirdo grins. I haven’t been flashing my American-made gnashers at strangers, making … Continue reading

And the Oscar goes to…

Hubby, for his role as the Good Son in “My Father is a Flipping Moron”. Although he has played this role his whole life it is only now, after the death of his mother, that Hubby has really gained a depth of intensity in this psychologically demanding and exhausting part. Playing alongside the leading role … Continue reading

Farewell my friend…

Life is cruel sometimes. It takes the young ones, the little ones, the ones that never did anyone any harm. Like it took you this morning. In a flash. In a flush. How long had we known each other? Since the day of my fiftieth birthday.  Eleven months and fifteen days to be exact. Not … Continue reading

Why look back?

Why look back At the road that’s closed? The barrier’s down, You’re out of luck. It’s a no-go zone, It’s here you’re stuck.   Why look back At the road once walked? The should-haves, could-haves Make no sense. There’s nothing now, But the present tense.   Why look back At the road you took? You’re … Continue reading