One last goodbye…

“Can we say one last goodbye? Just the four of us, please.” The plea came from so deep within his heart that of course we would never have refused him this one small act of homage. He deserved this and she deserved it even more. The only light came from the stars and the almost … Continue reading

Midweek Night Chill

This is similar to Saturday Night Fever but in the middle of the week and without the tight flared trousers. And thanks to this highly unexpected Chill I have found the definition of The Perfect Evening. The Perfect Evening means coming home late, getting changed into pyjama bottoms and a dirty grey t-shirt. Then it … Continue reading

Happy Families

In the Younubogue Family can I have the daughter please? Oh, that’s me. And the sister? Me too. Wife? Mother? Aunt? Each card seems to bear a little picture of me. That must be because I play all these roles in this ever-increasing family. We all play multiple roles in fact. And as I watched … Continue reading

My Valentine

Here’s yet another silly poem, but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day!  I’ll stop soon I swear…   My Valentine, It’s been twenty-nine Times our love’s gone round the sun.   My Valentine, Glad that you’re still mine Like we’d only just begun.   My Valentine, Remember that first time When you came to my fair isle? … Continue reading

To a House

Great ugly block of concrete bricks. Yer driveway strewn with leaves and sticks. That stupid trailer on the grass, Still taunting me each time I pass.   Two rows of logs outside the door, When they are gone we’ll stack two more. A lopsided sign to welcome youse Whose entrance in our home we choose. … Continue reading