Just one minute

Sixty seconds.  A hundred steps. That’s all it takes to remove myself from the humming modern city and walk into a minute’s worth of discovered peace. And I have an anonymous selfish git to thank for this discovery. An individual so caught up in his (her?) own parking problems that they forgot to realise that … Continue reading

Happy Families

In the Younubogue Family can I have the daughter please? Oh, that’s me. And the sister? Me too. Wife? Mother? Aunt? Each card seems to bear a little picture of me. That must be because I play all these roles in this ever-increasing family. We all play multiple roles in fact. And as I watched … Continue reading

Spring forward!

Spring has sprung. Well, the date has come and gone anyway. But it’s blinking freezing here. I even saw a sprinkling of frost on the neighbour’s roof this morning as I quickly opened the shutters onto a hazy, misty sky. We had one beautifully mild day last week when we all thought we could remove … Continue reading

This guy above us

I had the most hilarious conversation at work the other day with my lovely colleague L. We were having lunch together and I casually mentioned ‘Did you see the sky this morning? Amazing! Very dark with pink wavy streaks and purple strands around the edges.’ She stared at me blankly. I could see that her … Continue reading